Financial Capability Snapshot Survey

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We encourage you to send the link to this survey around your organisation – we don’t mind double (or triple!) ups. If you have any questions regarding the National Strategy snapshot survey, please contact Michelle Sullivan, National Manager Strategy & Performance.

Financial Capability Snapshot Survey

Welcome and thank you for completing our annual National Strategy snapshot survey. Your support helps us to map the work being done all over the country to boost the financial capability of New Zealanders.

We’d love to hear from you about how your work contributes to New Zealanders’ financial capability and financial wellbeing. Please let us know about your organisation, what your interest in financial capability is, and describe any initiatives that you offer to help people on their journey towards financial wellbeing.

Each year, we publish a summary that showcases the size and reach of the financial capability sector in New Zealand. This year, we are also developing a public directory on the National Strategy webpage and we would love to include your organisation as part of the directory. You have the chance to opt-in as part of this survey. We want to help break down silos and build connections and communication between providers in the sector, and creating a map who is delivering financial capability initiatives across New Zealand and the types of initiatives being delivered is a part of that.