Government Statement on Financial Capability

The cross government financial capability network

The government's 2015 Statement on Financial Capability highlights how the National Strategy for Financial Capability led by CFFC and the Investor Capability Strategy led by the Financial Markets Authority help align collective effort. It also recognises that financial capability programmes have the greatest impact when they are integrated into health, housing, education, employment and community services.

Cross government collaboration

The National Strategy relies on government, community and the private sector working together to have the biggest impact. This means:

  • Government agencies working together to reach more people without extra cost or duplication.
  • Supporting community-run initiatives with the tools to add financial capability content.
  • Rallying private sector partners to support initiatives that build financial capability for their employees or clients.  

Cross government Financial Capability Group

CFFC chairs the quarterly inter-agency Financial Capability Group, which enables government agencies to work together and find ways to embed financial capability into their services.·You can see practical examples of this work under the National Strategy pillars.   

Communities of practice

CFFC contributes to the design and delivery of locally led communities of practice. We regularly connect with community organisations that have a shared interest in financial capability.