Our People


Leadership team

Peter Cordtz CFFC GM Community

Assistant Retirement Commissioner

Peter Cordtz

My responsibilities as Assistant Retirement Commissioner include supporting the integration of our community work into CFFC’s Financial Capability team and its connection with the broader National Strategy system. Our community programmes focus on improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders most at risk of arriving at retirement in poor financial health, particularly Māori and Pasifika communities. Key initiatives support cross-sector partnerships by embedding financial capability into their programmes. 

Director of Learning Nick Thompson

Director – Financial Capability

Nick Thomson

I lead a team that develops and delivers financial education for New Zealanders. This involves overseeing the design and innovation of learning strategies to ensure New Zealanders are equipped with the financial knowledge, skills and confidence to make good financial decisions at every stage of their lives.

Lyndsey Francis

Director – Marketing

Lyndsey Francis

I lead a team focused on effectively connecting trusted information to New Zealanders across the Sorted and CFFC programmes and services. We are responsible for understanding our audiences, where to find them and how best to inform and inspire them using technology, data, content and media to enhance our ability to change behaviours and improve financial confidence heading into retirement.

Estelle Sarney Director Communications CFFC

Director – Communications

Estelle Sarney

I lead a team that provides advice and support to the Retirement Commissioner and broader organisation for the delivery of strategic internal and external communication. We ensure the distribution of trustworthy information, assist in informed advocacy and help facilitate effective collaboration with our stakeholders to help improve retirement outcomes for New Zealanders.

Nisha Keetels

Director – Corporate Services

Nisha Keetels

I am responsible for leading the core operational functions within CFFC. I support the Retirement Commissioner by overseeing Finance, Human Resources, IT and the administration functions. My team and I ensure CFFC’s working environment, culture and operations are effective and comply with best practice. When we do our job well, the rest of the team are more effectively supported to improve the financial wellbeing and capability of all New Zealanders.

Director – Policy

Dr Suzy Morrissey

The Director - Policy will support the Retirement Commissioner to shape the CFFC’s policy and research work and activities. This role oversees the CFFC’s research programme, the statutory three-yearly Review of Retirement Income Policies, the National Strategy for Financial Capability, and the statutory role to monitor the effects of the Retirement Villages Act, the Regulations and Code of Practice.



Dr Kathie Irwin 

The Kaihautū will help drive improvement in retirement outcomes for Māori by connecting and aligning the CFFC’s work with related state sector policy streams.


Retirement Villages Lead
Troy Churton

National Strategy Lead
Brenda Leeuwenberg 

Research Lead
Celestyna Galicki

Research Assistant
Sophia Li

Financial Capability

Sorted Website Lead
Kate Reddington

Learning Development Lead
Tista Lythe

Learning Designer – EME
'Currently vacant'

Kaitakawaenga/Learning Designer MME
Marina Kawe-Peautolu

Learning Development Specialist
Tania Vercoelen 

Learning Development Administrator
Anahita Paul

Learning Delivery Lead
Marc Harris

Learning Specialist Schools
Jill MacDonald

Kaikōkiri/Learning Specialist – Kura
Erin Thompson

Relationship Specialist – Communities
Ana Tuinukuafe

Relationship Specialist – Workplaces
Marco Ghirardelli

Learning Delivery Administrator
Paul Nicolini


Marketing & Content Lead
Kelly Phillips

Digital Marketing Specialist
‘Currently vacant’

Product Marketing Specialist
Felicity Weller

Graphic Designer
Abigail Kerr

Digital Assets Lead
Jason Gambitsis

Data and Analytics Specialist
Tom Maden

Web Administrator
Morgan Martin


Personal Finance Lead
Tom Hartmann

Communications Specialist
Lucinda Haworth

Corporate Services

Finance Lead
Gemma Fulton

People Lead
Kristy Allan

Business Lead
Nick Beard

Assistant Accountant 
Shristi Singh

Governance Administrator
Rebecca Jenner

Business Administrator
Minna Birch