Have a look, play around – it’s a place to find out things, test things, and not worry about whether you know enough or are asking silly questions. You can check out how your KiwiSaver provider stacks up, plan how to pay off debt and more.

In addition to the Sorted world online, we have face-to-face programmes too. We run them in workplaces, community groups and pretty much anywhere else we can. We’ve had them evaluated so we know they work, but don’t take our word for it – listen to some of the people who’ve been through a financial capability programme.

There’s no substitute for good advice. New Zealanders, on the whole, are still reluctant to pay for advice. We spend money on our hair, eating out and holidays but often stop short of spending money on advice.

Three-quarters of New Zealanders (76%) have obtained some type of financial information or advice in the past 12 months. This result is consistent with findings from 2009 (78%), when this question was first asked in our Financial Knowledge and Behaviour Survey.

However, not all financial advice is good advice – it may not always send you in the right direction or tell you what you need to know.

The FMA website has details of different types of financial advisers including AFAs (authorized financial advisers), RFAs (registered financial advisers) and QFEs (qualifying financial entities).

To check if a person or organisation is registered to give financial advice, search the Financial Service Providers Register.

Bringing about behaviour change

How We Can Help

How We Can Help