CFFC helps North & South magazine spotlight fraud

CFFC Fraud Education Manager Bronwyn Groot added her expertise to the cover story on frauds and scams in the May issue of North & South magazine.

NorthSouth scams cover v2Groot is among a number of experts in fraud investigation to talk about the increasing sophistication of scams, and how anyone can fall victim.

Among the people she has helped have been CEOs, pilots, teachers, business owners and even police. 

"Fraud is an international business that targets different people in different ways," says Groot. "I'm pleased to see this story highlighting the fact that we are all just one click away from being conned. We need to shift the blame from the victims to the offenders, and understand what individuals are up against."

The article describes Groot's work in peeling away the layers of various scams to expose how they have tricked people, and linking commonly used company names, bank accounts and fake websites. Fraud organisations may employ dozens of people in different locations around the world, siphoning money to organised crime such as drugs, arms and human trafficking. 

"The more we can raise awareness of how to recognise scams and how to avoid them the more we can help New Zealanders protect their hard-earned money," says Groot. "We appreciate North & South putting together such a well-researched story that sends all the right messages."

The May issue of North & South is on sale now. Its story on scams will be online next month.