Annual returns - Regulatory relief for retirement villages

The Registrar of Retirement Villages has stated that retirement village operators who have an annual return due up to and including the month of September are able to seek regulatory relief by requesting an alteration of their annual return month where appropriate.

  • Where possible operators should ensure that annual returns are filed on time.
  • The Registrar understands, however, that some operators may not be able to file their annual return on time, for reasons related to the COVID-19 alert level restrictions.
  • Where an operator’s ability to file an annual return which is due to be filed up to and including 30 September has been impacted by COVID-19, the annual return filing month will be altered to provide the operator with more time to file the annual return.
  • The Registrar will continue to assess the situation for returns which are due in later months (after September).

To request an alteration to your annual return filing month please email the Registrar at providing:

  • Your retirement village details
  • Reasons you are unable to file your return on time
  • The month to which you request the annual return filing to be altered