National Strategy


National Strategy for Financial Capability

The National Strategy for Financial Capability provides an over-arching framework for the sector, outlining a shared direction for the many organisations that work to improve the financial capability of New Zealanders.

The current strategy was released in 2015.  This strategy was created to reflect success at an individual level, leading to building success at a national level by getting New Zealanders to talk and learn about money, plan for the future, be debt-smart and save and invest.

A lot has changed since 2015, particularly due to the impact of COVID-19 in 2020. The National Strategy is also changing, shifting focus from the actions of New Zealanders to one that supports the Strategy’s stakeholders and partners, those organisations that are actively engaging with people to build financial capability.

The National Strategy refresh is underway, and we’re working closely with the Financial Capability community to ensure the strategy meets the needs of those it serves as much as possible. We’re bringing the FC community along with us on the journey and seeking input frequently as we develop a new approach.

We have established a series of fortnightly online workshops, each focusing on a different aspect of Financial Capability. These workshops are open to anyone, and we hope to bring together as many voices, opinions and ideas as we can as we develop a National Strategy that is relevant and inspiring. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch.