CFFC film at the International Fraud Film Festival

Fraud Hurts (trailer) - a film by CFFC and the Serious Fraud Office

Fraud Hurts (trailer) - a film by CFFC and the Serious Fraud Office

The first film to be made by two fraud-fighting agencies telling victims’ stories will screen at a free session during the International Fraud Film Festival in Auckland on November 14.

CFFC, in association with the Serious Fraud Office, has produced a short film called Fraud Hurts in which three scam victims tell their stories of losing thousands of dollars to investment fraud, a Bitcoin con, and a romance scam. The film also features commentary from the police, Age Concern and CFFC Fraud Education Manager Bronwyn Groot (left) on how New Zealand needs to be better armed to fight the rise in offending, and how anyone can fall victim to scammers’ increasing sophistication.

The film is part of the Scam Prevention Session of the festival at Auckland’s Waterfront Theatre. Groot will take part in a panel discussion after the screening on how the public can recognise scams and protect themselves. The session is co-hosted by reporters from Fair Go, who will show some of their stories exposing scams and talk about their work tracking offenders.

Ticketed screenings of fraud-themed films, including The Panama Papers and Inside Lehman Brothers, will run the previous day and after the free session.

Groot says the festival is an opportunity to expose how frauds are perpetrated and their impact on individuals and society.

“The free session brings the topic back to the individual, and how fraud affects people not only financially but also emotionally and psychologically,” says Groot. “Part of the problem is victims feeling too embarrassed to speak out, but the more we can bring fraud into public conversation the more we can place the blame where it belongs, on the offenders, and raise awareness of the risks to all New Zealanders.”

Scam Prevention Session, International Fraud Film Festival, Thursday, November 14, 10am, ASB Waterfront Theatre, Auckland, free to attend, please email to confirm seats.

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