Review of Retirement Income Policies

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What is the Review?

The Retirement Commissioner is required by law to carry out a Review of Retirement Income Policies every three years. Their report responds to terms of reference set by the Government of the day, and advises on the effects of retirement income policies and identifies any emerging issues for the future.

The Terms of Reference for the 2022 Review of Retirement Income Policies will be issued by the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Hon Dr David Clark, before the end of 2021. 

The 2013 Review

Focusing on the Future was CFFC's 2013 Review of Retirement Income Policies.

It draws on a mix of background papers, submissions, analysis and other research, and aims to raise public awareness of retirement income policy issues.

The final report to Government was tabled 12 December 2013.

The report’s policy recommendations are part of the Commission’s broader mission to help New Zealanders prepare financially across their lifetimes for retirement.

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See the background papers prepared for the review and the range of submissions received.

See the policy position papers exploring the eight objectives of the review.  

Previous reviews 

If you are interested in previous reviews of retirement income policies that the Commission has done, you are welcome to contact us.