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Financial wellbeing for your workplace with Sorted at Work

Financial wellbeing for your workplace with Sorted at Work

What is financial capability?

Financial capability is about giving people choices. It’s having the skills, knowledge, confidence, and motivation to make informed financial decisions. It supports individual wellbeing as well as contributing to the efficiency and prosperity of the national economy.

Why does financial capability matter in the workplace?

Personal financial wellbeing and organisational performance are connected.

  • 72% of organisations believe employee financial education will benefit them
  • 46% of employees worry about their finances
  • 83% of employers say money problems interfere with productivity
  • 20hrs a month lost to sorting personal finance worries
  • 58% of employers report “financial illness” drives absenteeism.

What is a Sorted at Work workplace?

A Sorted at Work workplace is an organisation that partners with CFFC to implement a variety of financial capability and wellbeing initiatives.

What is the Sorted at Work programme?

The Sorted at Work Programme includes a suite of courses and seminars which you can select from and have delivered in your workplace by one of our CFFC affiliated facilitators located nationwide. You can opt to run any number of these offerings to suit the needs of your workforce knowing that:

  • the design and delivery of the programme is quality assured
  • our offerings are updated and enhanced with supporting materials remaining current, accurate, neutral and impartial
  • the supporting Sorted calculators, plans, tools and resources are continuously improved to support your employees to take charge of their financial futures
  • participants will experience ‘aha’ moments that lead to real change in their lives for a healthier and wealthier economic future.

Can we help?

If you'd like to know more, please contact us to discuss the programme and your needs:

Learning Delivery Lead

Marc Harris


P/ +64 9 954 2973

We look forward to working with you to bring financial capability and wellbeing into your workplace.