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Our 2020 Money Week campaign 'Just wondering' reflects the explosion of questions about money we’ve seen during this time of change and uncertainty. New Zealanders feel they are in the same boat due to the financial effects of COVID-19 and are thirsty for knowledge, yet need a safe, inclusive environment to reach out with the money questions they’ve been afraid to ask. Join us in providing trusted information and guidance across a range of topic areas including KiwiSaver, money planning, debt and more. Together, we can play our part in helping New Zealanders learn, recover, and make tomorrow a better day.

Below are some key messages you could use in your activity to encourage people to take part and show them where they can find answers to their questions.

Key messages for consumers:

  • Any money question is a good question.
  • COVID-19 has landed many of us in the same boat with money worries, and we’re asking the same questions.
  • Sorted Money Week 2020 is all about helping you find information and guidance you can trust, to move forward with your money.
  • Many Kiwis feel they’re in the same boat due to the financial effects of COVID-19, and have a range of questions about money issues.
  • Sorted Money Week is providing a safe environment for Kiwis to reach out with questions they’ve been afraid to ask, and receive answers they can trust.
  • Wondering about money? We’ve got you sorted.

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Just wondering about budgeting

Just wondering about budgeting

Just wondering about KiwiSaver